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The Works
Frame 29 Films' supernatural thriller written by Drew Hall.
Frame 29 Films' horror/comedy written by Horst Sarubin.
Frame 29 Films' steampunk inspired science fiction epic written by Drew Hall

Meet The Team

Horst Sarubin

Director, VFX producer, writer with no limits. Kiwi by way of 'bama.

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Writer and Director Horst Sarubin of Frame 29 Films.
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Writer/Director Drew Hall of Frame 29 Films.

Director, writer, producer in no particular order. Loves football, scares, and BBQ.

Drew Hall

Frame 29 Films was founded on a very simple principle, “Let’s grab them by frame 29.”  In film language, that’s 1.2083333 seconds into the motion picture and by them, we mean the buyers, distributors, and the audience.  


Sure, it is a high standard to achieve, but as a mantra it means we have to deliver incredible motion pictures that meet or exceed our goals. We have found success with this concept by following one simple rule, “Honor above all." Honor in our transparency with fiscal and creative partners. Honor in our operations and production. Honor in our promise to the vision and story of a Frame 29 Film.


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